Zap 950,000 Volt Stun Gun

Zap 950,000 Volt Stun Gun

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    Have you ever wondered what it is like to hold a bolt of lightning in your hands? This stun gun packing 950,000 volts of shocking devastation is the world’s smallest high powered stun gun and can get you as close to that lightning feeling as comfort will allow. This Zap Stun Gun measures a mere 2 ¼” wide by 3 ½” long but don not think for a second that it’s small stature will not be able to keep you safe. Its compact design was done so this stun gun can be easily concealed during your daily life making it supremely easy to carry with you when you are walking, jogging, hiking, bicycling, entering and exiting buildings, and anywhere else your legs and feet care to take you. This handy stun gun has enough power from a short ¼ second blast from the dual zap electrodes to cause your attacker to have minor muscle contractions startling them and often times repelling them. A full five second blast on the other hand can immobilize an attacker, cause them to be disoriented, loss of balance falling to the ground, weakness, and leaving them dazed for several minutes afterwards which will give you plenty of time to remove yourself safely from the area. With this you can certainly consider yourself protected.

    More details about the Zap 950,000 Volt Stun Gun include:

    • 950,000 volts of shocking high voltage power via dual zap electrodes
    • Soft rubber coating with secure contour grip
    • Safety switch with LED light
    • Push button to activate the electrical arc
    • Depending on the length of time the blast is given you can cause minor muscle contractions repelling your attacker to immobilizing them causing disorientation making them loose their balance and fall to the ground, making them weak, and leaving them dazed for several minutes afterwards
    • Rest assured that you cannot suffer a charge back to your own body when using the Zap Stun Gun even if the attacker is holding on to you
    • Measures 2 ¼” wide x 3 ½” long
    • Weighs 5oz with batteries
    • Included with the stun gun is a wrist strap, a carrying case with belt clip for attachment to your belt, pants, or bag, and 3 CR123 lithium batteries which are required to make the unit function
    • Perfect item for nurses, college students, joggers, night shift workers, etc.
    • Laws may vary so always check with your local and state law enforcement agencies before ordering

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    Protect yourself with confidence when you order and carry the Zap 950,000 Volt Stun Gun!

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