M-65 Fishtail Parka – Alpha Industries

M-65 Fishtail Parka – Alpha Industries

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    Alpha Industries began its introduction into the garment industry in 1959 making military clothing in the basement of a factory with only a handful of employees. Things were not always the easiest but one thing remained true was the quality of merchandise produced was far superior then any that was seen prior. This was quickly noticed by the Department of Defense and as conflicts had arisen, so was the need for military clothing thus producing many government contracts for Alpha to construct goods for the military forces.

    They soon became a dominant manufacturer of numerous styles of jackets that have become legendary and iconic articles in both the military and fashion industries. They have produced clothing for all branches of the military and were frequently consulted with regarding development of uniforms and gear for aviators, soldiers, and sailors to continually stay ahead of the curve in giving our military personnel the ability to function and survive in the extreme climates where confrontations were starting to arise.

    This fishtail parka, which is also known as the M-1965 Parka, was originally developed in 1965 and sets its place as a highly favored Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) parka amongst the cold weather troops. The fishtail nickname comes from the tail cinching drawstrings around each leg which one can snug up tight to further keep the cold away from your body. This olive drab Army surplus parka has always been a go to parka so now here is your chance to own Alpha’s high quality version!

    Here are the many features of the Alpha Industries M-65 Fishtail Parka:

    • Extreme heavy weight parka suitable for protection against sub-freezing weather conditions
    • Extreme Cold Weather (ECW)
    • Outer Shell Material: 80% cotton/20% nylon
    • Olive drab color shell
    • Two (2) large front pockets
    • Zip up front with snap storm flap
    • Removable button on drawstring hood with a wire in the rim to shape it plus synthetic white fur trim for extra warmth
    • Internal drawstring waist
    • Removable button in full length quilted nylon liner for chill chasing warmth
    • Drawstring cinch ties at base to go around each leg to keep the cold out and gives the parka its fishtail name
    • Cinch wrist cuffs

    Select Size when ordering: Small – 3XLarge.

    This legendary laugh at the cold Alpha Industries M-65 Fishtail Parka will keep you warm in the most inclement of weather so make sure to order yours today!

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